Housing Options is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community behavioral health organization that offers affordable housing and support from social workers, counselors, case managers and psychiatrists to adults recovering from chronic mental illnesses. All of our programs and services are integrated to ensure our clients receive the support they need to recover and attain wellness and reclaim his or her life in the community. We serve individuals through our Community Care, Supportive Housing, and Supportive Employment (I-Work) Programs.

Community Care

Our Community Care Program provides non-residential recovery-oriented support services to adults with mental illnesses living independently in the community. All support services are personalized based on individual goals, strengths and needs, but common services include symptom and medication management training, independent living skills support and housekeeping skills training.

Supportive Housing

Our Supportive Housing Program provides the same support services that Community Care Program does, but in addition, the program provides affordable, fully furnished housing in one or two bedroom apartments in professionally maintained buildings and scattered site apartments in eight of Evanston’s nine wards. We currently have six buildings and 17 scattered site apartments located throughout Evanston. Clients receive fully furnished, affordable apartments located in small buildings, primarily two and three flats.

Supported Employment (I-Work)

Our I-WORK Program launched in March 2011 provides supported employment services to clients who are interested in working full or part time. Work is an important part of recovery for our clients as it builds self-esteem, increases their incomes and closes the gap between basic expenses and clients’ resources. The overall goal of I-WORK is to provide the support that will lead to sustainable, open market employment for participants.