A valued part of Housing Options’ mission is to advance the understanding of mental illnesses and the need for supportive housing.

The stigma associated with mental illness is often perpetuated by the use of prejudicial language. Television shows and movies often depict people with mental illnesses as unsympathetic characters. This is neither a fair or accurate portrait of the individuals Housing Options works with daily nor of people recovering from mental illnesses in general.

Ignorance adds to the challenges facing individuals recovering from mental illnesses. Due to common misperceptions, people are often fearful or discriminatory around individuals with mental illnesses. Frequently, this makes it difficult for people affected by the diseases to seek treatment, make friends and openly discuss their experiences.

What you can do:

  • Tell others what you have learned about the need for supportive housing for adults recovering from chronic mental illnesses
  • Contact Housing Options to schedule an educational presentation to a community organization, service club, or faith community
  • Stop the stigma: if you see someone with a mental illness misrepresented in the community or the media, say something

If you would like to invite a Housing Options representative to speak to your community group, please call (847) 866-2977 or contact us.