The heart of the American dream is the idea of a safe affordable home. Safe housing is an integral part of recovery from mental illness. Currently there are very few affordable housing and support options for adults with severe, chronic mental illnesses. This lack of affordable, accessible housing and care leads many adults with chronic mental illnesses to homelessness. Supportive housing services allow individuals with mental illnesses to live in affordable apartments and provides them access to caseworkers and support services necessary to their recovery. Studies show that individuals in supportive housing ultimately have better outcomes than when in other settings, giving them hope for a better future.

Housing Options is dedicated to providing supportive housing services to individuals with chronic mental illnesses. Housing Options owns six apartment buildings and leases approximately 20 additional apartments throughout the city of Evanston. The agency owns or leases property in eight of Evanston’s nine wards and fully equips all of its apartments with furniture, appliances, linens, and dishes. We make housing affordable to residents; rent is paid on a sliding scale and subsidized by us, so that residents are able to concentrate on their recovery.